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Well i think " AngelBeats " was the saddest anime i have ever watched ;^;

yousofashraf wrote:

Well i think " AngelBeats " was the saddest anime i have ever watched ;^;
Agree ending made me cry.
Hibike! Euphonium 2 Ep4 ( Kumiko tried her best to keep this from crashing down after learning more than she was comfortable knowing, but I liked that she didn’t have a say in how this played out. This isn’t her story to resolve, so having her witness this resolution is all she needs to do. The moment between Mizore and Nozomi was tense in a strange way; Mizore is nauseous at the sight of her friend from middle school who didn’t think to tell her she had quit the band, and essentially left her behind, while Nozomi doesn’t see what the problem is, as she didn’t think anything of it. Really, all these two needed to do was get together and explain their perspectives so they could resolve this issue. But that’s the problem: Nozomi didn’t see it as one. She removed herself, saw that the girl who she brought into the band was doing fine without her, and didn’t want to disappoint her by bringing her into the drama. But Mizore’s reaction is understandable, feeling left out and questioning why she was even there at all if the reason she joined was gone. Their coming together was lovely, and I’m happy this all got resolved.

In saying that, I think Yuuko is the one who comes out of this looking best. After her emotional outbursts regarding Kaori’s solo last year, she’s swallowed some of her pride and instead puts her focus on being a supportive friend. I can see why some find her annoying, but there’s no questioning that if she was your friend, you can bet she’d be a damn good friend who’d stick up for you no matter what, even when you may be in the wrong, and doesn’t hold back her on her passion. I’ve always had a soft spot for her, but after the past two episodes she’s shot near the top of the pack for me.Source: )
Death Parade.
Re:Zero,Neon Genesis Evangelion and Your lie in april
assassination classroom/2nd season man i was in tears and i fi watch i to day i will still cry
I cried everytime my ship didn't sail
Clannad + AS :(
AngelBeat :cry:
Guilty crown :cry::(
assassination classroom 2nd season :cry:
Romeo x Juliet :(:cry:
Elfen Lied
Plastic Memories, its incredibly depressing and sad but also an amazing anime.

Yukisa wrote:

If Shelter counts then ME!ME!ME! must be an ecchi anime
Anyways mine is Anohana
SAO, for existing XD

(jk, it's actually grave of the fireflies)
Nana, it was depressing as f**k, Kimi no Iru Machi made me insane after finishing the anime. Shinsekai Yori was kinda sad too.
And Clannad ofc
Who didn't cry with Angel Beats? I mean it was a shower of feels like omg;;
Also Ouran Host Club, I cried like a b*tch with the ending.
Clannad after story
your lie in april, Anohana, kimi no nawa and Nana . i cried manly tears
Tokyo Ghoul was for me extremely sad. . Poor Kaneki :|
Takeshi Kida
Saddest: One Piece On Ace's death

But what I cried the most, was Bakuman, I found it very exciting
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