Saddest anime you've seen so far

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Uchoten Kazoku, the only anime this season that made me weep and it's not over yet
[ Dalliance ]
I think it'd be Gosick.
id also put Hotarubi no Mori e
i literally cried after watching this, like i've just lost something that it made me cry really hard. it's just so sad :( and my tears naturally fell down as i was reading the reviews on MAL and comments on tumblr. i havent cried this much over an anime
From somewhat to saddest:
Ginban Kaleidoscope
Anohana... watching it is like a leak in my eye... tears just start... and now I'm suck playing Secret Base ~10 Year After~
Clannad Afterstory ^^

Kemdo wrote:

Clannad Afterstory ^^
I literally cried so many times ..
All the key-animes:
Air, Clannad/After Story, Kanon 2006, Angel Beats, Little Busters~

and also AnoHana, Toradora~
Mari Heiwajima
Clannad , Air , Ano Hana , Angel Beats , Little Busters , Mirai Nikki ... ;__;
h i m e
Clannad/After Story, Kanon 2006 and AnoHana.
Clannad After Story obviously..
Catbug Sqeagy
Anything made by Key :(

Including Kanon 2006, Air, Angel Beats and, of course, Clannad :(
Oh, also a little bit from Ouran High School Host Club :)

Although, I must say, the AMV's I saw had me rolling in tears, the music fits so well with the video creating a perfect moment.
Changed my life completely :o
Every time I hear "Show me what I'm looking for" by Carolina Liar I just explode in sadness remembering those moments that were so close to me <3
Clannad afterstory ;_;
I would say Kanon
Elfen Lied. Shoot me.

Key anime in order of sadness: Angel Beats>Kanon>Clannad AS>Air------------>Little Busters GTFO
Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 ;_; and Angel beats
Angel beats or Code Geass I guess?
The saddest for me was Little Busters though. Even if we haven't gotten as far as the visual novel in the anime
The Joker
Saddest anime I have seen so far would definitely be AnoHana by far. Such a sad, sad ending. Only anime to make me cry so far
Anohana made me tear so much ... even if it was a happy ending ..... it was sad that menma and jintan wasn't able to be together ...
Elfen Lied goes somehow the same , Lucy can't be with the one she loves because what people see through her is a demon ... all she wanted was to meet him again ... i know it was bloody but .... ; ~ ; Thinking how lucy desperately wants to be with him makes me saaad....
The Joker
Yeah, the ending for elfen lied was really sad. I love how someone just knocked at the door and it went to credits. Could tell it was lucy though (:
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