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Problem Details: Whenever I play a map, my frame limit in the bottom-right becomes 60 instead of 240. My GPU says I'm running at above 1000 frames most of the time but my gameplay stutters a considerable amount. I have vertical sync disabled in osu! and in my GPU settings. Should this be happening?

screenshots: [In Menu Setting](https://osu.ppy.sh/ss/10781764)
[In a Beatmap](https://osu.ppy.sh/ss/10781773)

I am running on stable
That's hz, not fps. You are just mistaken.
Alright, thank you. I guess I'll keep trying to find the source of my frame drops.
I didn't notice the part where you mentioned frame drops, removed resolved tag for now.

Must of skipped that line.
When in the main menu, the game will always run at 240 fps if you have unlimited frames set on the settings. If you see in the settings it says "Unlimited(Gameplay)". The Hz doesn't matter since its probably displaying the Hz of your monitor. As long as the "ms" doesn't go up you are ok.
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