The Long-Overdue Love Letter

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This is the collection of all the poetry that I wrote to Sinistro during the period of January-August 2009. As far as I know, he has only seen one of them. I just figured that since I keep bringing it up and I am (rightly, I think) proud of many of these poems, I would finally disclose them all.

I am open to comments/criticism/etc. If you decide to read these, I sincerely hope that you enjoy them. Beware of extended metaphors and mild NSFW.

Download: poembook.odt
this ought to be a fun read.
This night.
Well this is the night where i get not a lick of sleep
Holy shit I never realized the multitude of poems you wrote.

And they're pretty good so far.
can you make a summary of all the NSFW stuff and make a new file?
How could I open that file?


iMercurial wrote:

How could I open that file?


Read about 10 so far, they're quite good :o

10/10 would read poem again.

Also iMercurial, get a better office suite.

No time to read them unfortunately, but I must thank SFG for reminding me why I still come to these forsaken forums.
I am quite disappointed none of these immediately appear to be about shiny teeth.
If they're truly about Sinistro there must be one about shiny teeth! Perhaps I'll make my own hygienic hymns later.
Totally awesome.
._. That is a lot of poems. I'll flip through it time and time again when I am in need of philosophical reads ;). Thank you for sharing this to us~
you do realize that open office can export documents as .doc right?
qwertyuiop fingers

RemmyX25 wrote:

you do realize that open office can export documents as .doc right?
It'd be better to upload as a google doc or something so we don't have to DL anything.
Or you could just open it up in WordPad like I did?

Back on-topic; those were highly enjoyable to read Saturos-fangirl. Well done.
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Thank you guys for your feedback :) Its good to know that my poetry is appreciated. If anyone has any questions, i know the metaphors can get a bit...dense at times. They're *mostly* standardized.

About the file type, I suppose .doc would be easier but I'm a lazy bastard and didn't bother :P It should be easy enough for you guys to convert or open it in some other way.

Noobita wrote:

can you make a summary of all the NSFW stuff and make a new file?
Really, there aren't any totally explicit ones. If you're self-conscious, avoid Dance of the Planets and Mitochondria. The rest should be fine.
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