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Hi, I've recently started a project and I'm about 70% done with it. The video I use in it works fine but when I skip the intro it freezes up for a second or two. Does anyone know how to fix this? The vid file itself should work (atleast on my computer).

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Oh, that used to happen to me when I re-encoded videos with the wrong codec. I'm not sure if the same situation though...
Mkay so how do I fix it? I.E. re-encode it the "right" way? /this is my first map so I don't know much about this kinda stuff :)
If I am on an older pc, I sometimes encounter that problem, but as for encoding the right way, you can follow this guide viewtopic.php?f=56&t=58235 (if you have video quality issues, feel free to contact me and I'll see if I can help you there)
I bought my PC 11 months ago. The thing is that the video file works when I play it normally but when I use "skip" while playing it on osu it lags for a couple of seconds.
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