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Well, let's start by saying that: I have an .mp3 file that I want to map, that has an artist, and a name... "put", then, in the file itself. The point is that when I drag it to the window osu!, and I get the typical "song setup"; I see this artist and the name of the song, by clicking "OK" and get to the map selection... the name of the map automatically becomes "audio".

I know that, when I go to the file of a map, in the file folder, any .mp3 on a map is called "audio"... But, I feel that, the game, by doing that, is cheating me: it is telling me "take, artist and name" and then by saying "OK" it takes it away.

I thought it could be a bug, that's why I post it here.
You can rename in and out editor the .mp3 so... i don't really see whats the problem
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