[Archived] My new keyboard is causing the hit window to act strange.

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Problem Details:
So I got this Mechanical keyboard from a friend of mine(Gamdias Hermes Essential with Cherry MX Black Switches) two days ago,and ever since I noticed that something is wrong with my accuracy from time to time,and I thought I was just rusty in the start cause I need to adapt to the new keyboard,but as I was playing tonight I noticed something that was VERY VERY OFF,and that was my unstable rate while playing.All my clicks were repetatively landing on the same exact spots in the hitwindow,and by exact same I mean exact to the milisecound.
So for one thing that screws up my accuracy and secound,it appears as if I am cheating(because my clicks are always landing in the same spots in the hit window so perfectly),which concerns me alot,because I don't want to get restricted over a hardware issue.
I tried different stuff with the keyboards's software,changing response rate,rollover etc.Nothing helped,I tried changing the usb ports,but that didn't help either.
Now I am confussed on what I should do because I am a bit pissed and both scared at the same time of playing casually nomod because my gameplay simply put does not look legit because of this issue,so I decided to message the support about this issue and ask for help,if anything is possible.

Video or screenshot showing the problem:

osu! version: 20180406.5beta
Since you said that you message support with this, you shouldn't be scared about being restricted or something.
Now, if this problem is causing you to not play properly (like losing accuracy or stuffs like that) then we should find a way to fix it.
I'm saying that cause i didn't quite get problem here, if it is the "perfect hits" in hiterror bar or these "perfect hits" causing you to lose acc.

Edit: you should check the offset setings in your options, if it is at 0. If it is then, we will focus at the keyboard.
Full Tablet
That is normal for that specific map as long as your keyboard is working at 125Hz (it should be working at 1000Hz).

Does that happen in other maps?
This has happened to me when I got a new PC. The solution I found was to disable V-Sync and to set FPS to unlimited. Playing on fullscreen or at least letterboxed helps as well.

Good luck.

Edit: windowed --> letterboxed
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Full Tablet wrote:

That is normal for that specific map as long as your keyboard is working at 125Hz (it should be working at 1000Hz).

Does that happen in other maps?
So after playing for a day like this i noticed that it infact happens differently for every map.
I played Haitai a couple of times today and everything was fine there.
I also played Chronostasis,but there I had the same issue(altho I am pretty certain that the intervals of those "perfect hits" was compeltely different.)

As of currently I believe that it IS in fact a problem with the response rate of the keyboard,but in the site they state that the polling rate and the response rate a supposedly 1000Hz,altho I have my doubts about that.

As of currently as well my Osu setitngs are Fullscreen with Unlimited Fps,V-Sync off.

Also It doesn't affect my gameplay at all,I just thought it looks extremely strange taken if you are say a spectator and you somebody landing his hits in perfect intervals.

I infact do play with a small offsent (4ms) but thats because I am kinda weird and hit ever-so-slightly early,I tried setting it to 0 tho,but the problem remained.

Edit:I've come to the conclussion that it very possibly may be thanks to the response rate of the keyboard so in the mean time I will look for a way to fix that and submit the results later.
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