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Now that this thread has served its purpose, I would like to take it over. This thread will now host a game I call "Help me know"!

The way the game works is as follows:

The user posts a sentence that starts with the phrase "Help me know". The next user then responds to the previous user's statement, and then writes another statement for the next user to respond to.

User 1:

Help me know how tall you are.

User 2:

I'm 178 cm!

Help me know your favorite artist/band.

User 3:


Ready? I'll start.

Help me know if you have any pets.
i don't have pet

Help me know how to get 5k pp.
play more

help me how to be cooler
u dont

help me know how to tie a noose
Step 1: find a sturdy rope. Let me know when you have that done.

Help me know when the school year is over.
easy. check your calendar and write down "FINAL DAY OF SCHOOL!!" on your next day of school.
help me know why i can't aim good with a trackpad

help me know to not know
Get that Parkinson's checked
Get drunk, hit your head with vodka bottle

Help me to know how big of a mistake everything is
get crippling depression

Help me know how to become an apache attack helicopter
You can be anything you wish to be in your fantasies.

Help me know how I can be successful in life.
You can be successful if you work hard enough.

Help me know how I can be romantic (no legit i have a girl calling me senpai and we know each other too well xd)
Take things more seriously. Jokes are fun and nice, but I think it might come off as you just feeling comfortable with them, but with not much more. If you wish to be with them, then you may proceed. If not, then that's a whole other thing to deal with. This is something that, in the case you want to be with her, you should take some time to think about. Pay attention to the little things, and by that, I mean that maybe there are small gestures that suggest you feel comfortable with her or vice versa, and maybe even suggest you are serious about a relationship.

But, by the looks of it, I kinda have my doubts. From my perspective, i'd imagine this is probably her just being playful. You'll need some time to figure out if she actually likes you, and see if maybe that's just a way for her to show her feelings.

Hope that helps.

Help me know why I cant seem to do anything useful. It's irritating the fuck out of me and I'll hear something like "Wow! You're so talented, you could be capable of even becoming a famous artist/musician!", and then I think about the word "capability", as I take note of how little I do. I don't do anything. I want to do something, and I rarely, if ever, do so.

Woops here's what I meant to say: "just respond with 'do it'."
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