[Experiment] The QATocalypse

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Like a BAT election v2 in 2018 ? Currently bad quality maps are should be great from now. Nice one Loctav !
People are failing to realize this is just an experiment, nothing is actually going to come of this. I really disagree with the idea of this overall since it feels like a popularity contest rather than an idea of which nominator actually does the most work (the public vote far outweighs that of our fellow nominators), and so this can easily be skewed, at least in the case of smaller modes. Public opinion plays a huge part in stuff like this, so winners can easily be decided based on fanbase. Just my 2 cents though, probably won't participate since it's kind of unethical to vote against people who I'm working with regardless.
Grim Rapper
praise the sun

@ascendance well, it's voting system afterall. The majority always win cuz they're the most prominent factor
The correct vote is 'Nobody'. Shut the entire ranking system down.

TheKingHenry wrote:

Shurelia wrote:

don't forget to vote for me guys
can you guarantee me the supporter reward if I do :^)

Interested to see the results though

pm for me for details
popularity contest: i think it would be better if people were given a list of members to vote yes/no on so the results aren't arbitrarily competing against each other

reminds me of the old loved voting system

that being said i think the experiment is cool and i voted anyways!!
grats to monstrata

fieryrage wrote:

grats to monstrata
ye, i bubbled ur maps so dont forget to vote for me ;)
Inbefore it gets worked into the system one day and everybody has too deal with it
unfair, no one will vote for me cuz I'm a furry 😿
Solution: stop being a furry ;)))))

I also get the feeling we're going off-topic =.="
I wouldn't be able to live MrOff-topic
interesting experiment, but the problem is that the biggest part of the community (like me) isn't really active in the forums and doesn't follow beatmap discussions. That means I can't really form a well-informed opinion.. So if I wanted to vote, I'd have to pick one of the few mappers I know (prob. not the best idea D:)
Nao Tomori
hey i bubbled ppls maps too y'all better vote for meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
not the whole osu! player community is aware of the osu! modding community.
when a citizen vote for a new president he's supposed to be aware of every candidate.
but how can you be aware of the whole possible candidate when there's a lot of possibility, since the osu!modding community keeps growing.
Possible candidate should be restricted to a number with something.
Too bad noone knows about me and my superior mapping-knowledge, also about my dedication towards this community and therefore I will not get any votes whatsoever, oh well.

Regarding the experiment, I would guess that people will stick mostly to what they already know, so most of the votes would be given to current active BNs. Still excited to see who is appreciated most among them.
vote me im a cute loli catgirl
it's not a popularity contest if you stated a logical reason tho. it's not like "they're a great mapper and active modder" alone is a solid reason
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