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[Experiment] The QATocalypse

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and that's how BNG and QAT got reformed for real ;^)
Might be interesting. Best of luck to all good modders!
Excited to see how it turns out.
Locdad i missed you. Aaaahaha maybe this time probably one would make it, maybe the popularity meta is down now, quoting someone now that in the end this is all a community driven game so yeah.
may the best blanket modder win!
Yeah cool more jokes pls

Shurelia wrote:

don't forget to vote for me guys
can you guarantee me the supporter reward if I do :^)

Interested to see the results though
vote for me
vote for handsome
Handsome should be "easy to beat" as much as any mapper. His fanbase is mostly composed of people who avidly watch pishifat videos, which is an audience unable to construct their own opinions on mapping.


vote for pishifat
thank you for giving us this inspirational advice that you - yourself - WITCHDAGGER (aka My Dog Is My Profile Picture) gave us, presented in a quote box in this post with absolutely no alterations whatsoever.

Loctav wrote:

You may wonder: "Why the heck does this person care?"
And I tell you: "Haha, I don't know either!"
Love this part.
great job~! excited to finally have A Populist Bng
Like a BAT election v2 in 2018 ? Currently bad quality maps are should be great from now. Nice one Loctav !
People are failing to realize this is just an experiment, nothing is actually going to come of this. I really disagree with the idea of this overall since it feels like a popularity contest rather than an idea of which nominator actually does the most work (the public vote far outweighs that of our fellow nominators), and so this can easily be skewed, at least in the case of smaller modes. Public opinion plays a huge part in stuff like this, so winners can easily be decided based on fanbase. Just my 2 cents though, probably won't participate since it's kind of unethical to vote against people who I'm working with regardless.
Grim Rapper
praise the sun

@ascendance well, it's voting system afterall. The majority always win cuz they're the most prominent factor
The correct vote is 'Nobody'. Shut the entire ranking system down.

TheKingHenry wrote:

Shurelia wrote:

don't forget to vote for me guys
can you guarantee me the supporter reward if I do :^)

Interested to see the results though

pm for me for details
popularity contest: i think it would be better if people were given a list of members to vote yes/no on so the results aren't arbitrarily competing against each other

reminds me of the old loved voting system

that being said i think the experiment is cool and i voted anyways!!
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