[Experiment] The QATocalypse

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(This is a thought experiment, so treat it as such.)

Hello my friends and foes, long time no see!

I have been observing the QAT and Beatmap Nominators for quite a while. When everything was still under my leadership, stuff was obviously not really stellar either, but let's say that currently stuff did not get any better. First QAT leaders are already jumping ship and all in all, everything doesn't look too bright.

You may wonder: "Why the heck does this person care?"
And I tell you: "Haha, I don't know either!"

But still, currently time is good to conduct a little experiment, I guess.

The QATocalypse

Let's assume that for whatever reason, the entirety of the Quality Assurance Team and the Beatmap Nominators gets disbanded as a whole tomorrow. Everybody runs in circles, nobody gets their flawless creations ranked anymore and everybody already assumes the death of osu!. But worry not, in order to restore order and unity, the entire community is supposed to elect new Beatmap Nominators. This is a community-ran game anyways, right?

So let's pretend that this is a thing now and that you all can elect the future Beatmap Nominators for the next year.

For this, let's set some ground rules:

  1. Your account must be at least 1 year old. You know, so you earned your osu! citizenship legally.
  2. You have 3 votes. You don't have to use all votes. You can vote whoever you want. The person does not need to declare that they run for this position beforehand.
  3. Assume that the position of Beatmap Nominator expires after 1 year. Then the person would have to re-run for this position or drops out.
  4. Assume the person would have to accept the position after election. So voting for people who would reject anyways is pretty pointless.
  5. You have to file a brief reason why you vote for this person. Leaving it blank renders the vote invalid.
  6. You can only submit your votes once. You have to submit all 3 votes at once. That's because it's easier to evaluate.
  7. The threshold for winning the position remains unknown to you (for now). It will be the top percentage of all elected people, but I want to see the distribution of votes first before drawing a line.
  8. All voting results will be published afterwards. Everything will be anonymized before publishing.
  9. As compensation, I raffle 3x 1 year of supporter tag. For that, you have to submit your e-mail address in the form. Make sure that the e-mail you submit is equal to the e-mail you use for your osu! account. Your e-mail will be kept strictly private and will not be distributed anywhere.

> You can cast your votes here! (Voting ends on 15th April 2018)


I hope you are as curious about the results as I am!
"it's just a social experiment"
thought experiment omegalul

BN Elections
it's like 2014 but with everyone votes instead of bns vote bn

Sinnoh wrote:

"it's just a social experiment"

Okoratu wrote:

it's like 2014 but with everyone votes instead of bns vote bn
social experiment
This is super interesting, excited to see the results
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