[resolved] H420 tablet driver Help (fixed it, please delete moderators)

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Hey, a few weeks ago I got a Huion H420 tablet, installed the driver and it look this
but then my laptop broke down and I got a new PC (both PC had and have windows 10), but now when I downlode the driver from this website https://www.huiontablet.com/support/ and it looks like this

please help.
PS: the first picture is not from the main menu, got the picture of gyaso in case of this happening.
I don't have the files for the old driver but there are some third party drivers that I am using, and it works pretty well: https://github.com/hawku/TabletDriver
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thx for reading but to be honest I would prefer the real deal
If your question is as I've intended that you need to know how to set the area you should go into "Advanced Settings" if I remember correctly (had this tab more than 8 months ago)...
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