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HYPOTHETICAL - Could you get a new account to #50,000+ in 1 play?

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Sandy Hoey
Unless he can get a play worth 2k pp, then no
No, that's not how it works.
Around rank 300.000? No idea, but not a lot.
Radiant Rayv

Sandy Hoey wrote:

Unless he can get a play worth 2k pp, then no
3k+ pp
in mania or ctb it'd work. taiko maybe too. in std -no.
man this is a rlly dumb thread,
Definitely not. Especially considering how underrated Big Black SS is to begin with.
tldr: no

long explaination: we're human
TL;DR : no (unless you're a cyborg).
ok since every one is too lazy to explain in detail and I am bored atm, I am gonna do it .
before I start , at the time that I am writing this , to be ranked #50,000 you should have around ~3.285pp,
now to put it simple , the overall pp score is calculated in a way that makes your highest pp score worth it's whole value and the other plays worth slightly less that the plays above them; and thus if you want to get ranked at least #50,000 with one play you need that play to be worth at least ~3.285pp which is the equivalent of doing something like "Spawn of Possession -Apparition ( HD DT HR" with a 85% acc .
obviously a normal human can never reach that lever , it's just way beyond human limits (unless you're a hacker or an advanced human from the year 6900).
for more information about the pp system here's a useful link that explains it in details
I hope that I was useful with thing long (and probably full of english errors xD ) post , GL HF.
In Standard no one has acheived a score that would be worth as much by itself (excluding hackers) of the amount equal to rank 50,000
In Taiko it is possible but you'd need about a ~750PP play which has only been managed by 2 people and would be very difficulty
In CTB it would actually be really easy as you'd only need a 360PP play which many many people have managed
In Mania you would need a play of around ~1300PP which several top players have managed due to Mania's PP system being insane.
dumbest thread ever
FC because maybe pt 2 +hr+dt+hd+fl
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