HYPOTHETICAL - Could you get a new account to #50,000+ in 1 play?

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Let's say you take rrtyui (yes I know he's practically quit) and make him create a brand new account. He then goes on that account and SS's Big Black, and does nothing else. Would that account instantly be shot up the ranks to match his skill?

It's not important in any way, but I thought it would be interesting to know :)
Sandy Hoey
Unless he can get a play worth 2k pp, then no
No, that's not how it works.
Around rank 300.000? No idea, but not a lot.
Radiant Rayv

Sandy Hoey wrote:

Unless he can get a play worth 2k pp, then no
3k+ pp
in mania or ctb it'd work. taiko maybe too. in std -no.
man this is a rlly dumb thread,
Definitely not. Especially considering how underrated Big Black SS is to begin with.
tldr: no

long explaination: we're human
TL;DR : no (unless you're a cyborg).
ok since every one is too lazy to explain in detail and I am bored atm, I am gonna do it .
before I start , at the time that I am writing this , to be ranked #50,000 you should have around ~3.285pp,
now to put it simple , the overall pp score is calculated in a way that makes your highest pp score worth it's whole value and the other plays worth slightly less that the plays above them; and thus if you want to get ranked at least #50,000 with one play you need that play to be worth at least ~3.285pp which is the equivalent of doing something like "Spawn of Possession -Apparition ( HD DT HR" with a 85% acc .
obviously a normal human can never reach that lever , it's just way beyond human limits (unless you're a hacker or an advanced human from the year 6900).
for more information about the pp system here's a useful link that explains it in details
I hope that I was useful with thing long (and probably full of english errors xD ) post , GL HF.
In Standard no one has acheived a score that would be worth as much by itself (excluding hackers) of the amount equal to rank 50,000
In Taiko it is possible but you'd need about a ~750PP play which has only been managed by 2 people and would be very difficulty
In CTB it would actually be really easy as you'd only need a 360PP play which many many people have managed
In Mania you would need a play of around ~1300PP which several top players have managed due to Mania's PP system being insane.
dumbest thread ever
FC because maybe pt 2 +hr+dt+hd+fl
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