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I've been encountering some problems with osu! after I updated to creator's update. I experience no lag input at all (which has its own pinned topic) but I have some nasty stutters and even hiccups that leads to osu! crashing recently. Is anyone experiencing the same thing? I have tried all that come to mind from reinstalling to trying all builds of osu! from beta to cutting edge and tweak my power options. Nothing works so far.

I'm playing from a laptop (HP 15 BW071AX) that has a switchable graphics mode. I have always set osu! to run on High Performance graphics and everything seems fine until I updated to 1709 aka Creator's update. I tried to force osu! to only use Power Saving mode just to check and there's still stuttering issues. If you argue my laptop maybe overheating and is thermal throttling, it isn't. I monitored the temperatures while I play and the peak temperature is 80 degrees Celcius and I don't see any signs of thermal throttling from SpeedFan.

Anyone with any ideas?
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