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Hello everyone ! Been getting a problem since I’ve installed this game that REALLY disturbs me, and I’m not sure if it is just because of me or the game itself. Lemme explain : when I think it’s time (if I hit perfectly timed with the song) to strike, I hit the note, but I only get a 100, or worst case scenario, a 50… What I’ve realized then is if I wait a bit (exactly 30ms, I’ll explain later how I know why), I hit my 300. With such arguments, everyone would just say that I’m hitting to early… HOWEVER, I’ve realized something : it’s not me but the game, since on a slider, if I hit timed with the slider, I get a 50, but if I wait to get the 300, the slider starts moving before, and when I hit it 30ms later, I get 300, despite not being actually timed with the slider. This leads to many problems : First, I must hit 30ms after the song beats, 30ms after the slider goes off, 30ms where other notes are popping around my screen, which is far from optimal. Now how do I know there’s this one 30ms ? Answer is, post game, if you point your mouse on the graphic showing my overall performance, it says my average “off time” hits are -30ms. I doubt very much this is me timing bad my hits because clearly I must click AFTER the slider starts. Does anyone know how I could fix this ? Thanks everyone ! To add more precision : there are three things going on that must be synced for optimal playing : (1) Song (2) Sliders/Circles (3) Me clicking around. What is happening is if I click to the beat of the song, I get -30ms. Plz help ! I need your knowledge buds ! ^^

Btw, this is not structured and poorly written, plz DM me for more precisions if not understood

Edit 1 : I've realised this may be worse than I thought. Since unconsciously I do compensate a bit by only focusing on the circles and not the song and then getting -30ms, the delay may be even more actually --'
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You can't conclude something with certainty based on the average hit errors shown after a play unless the beatmap had many objects and your Unstable Rate was low (less than 200 is a bare minimum, less than about 90 is much better).

In beatmaps, there are several things to align:
  1. The song.
  2. The hitsounds (when playing notes perfectly according to the game, best way to test is using Auto mod).
  3. The graphics of the objects.
  4. The time you press buttons.

You can only align 2 of these by changing the offset (either Universal Offset, or custom offset for a specific map). The standard choice is aligning the hitsounds with the music (other common choice is aligning the time you press buttons with the music, mostly by players that play without hitsounds or come from other rhythm games without hitsounds). That means that usually you subconsciously learn to press the keys earlier than the music (since hitsounds always sound later than the time you click).

About sliders, they have very lenient timing for getting a 300. If you don't get a 300 because of timing-related reasons, the error in timing must be way greater than ~30ms (you need to press them about 100ms-200ms wrong for them to not be a 300, depending on the OD of the map). There must be another reason you get 50s with sliders, since getting a 50 on one usually means you aren't pressing the slider at all except for most of its length.
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Hummmm, maybe yeah, idk. Not bragging or trying to defy your opinion ,but the thing is I've been playing a ton of rythm games before especially on my tablet (Cytus, Deemo, Zyon whatever etc...) and I'm usually well timed with the song, which confuses me a lot in this game.

Anyways, if it's jsut me that unconsciously taps before, is that anything I could change in my settings to fix that please ?
I think your brain is wired to mobile rhythm games. You should probably play more and get used to a keyboard’s input latency
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Touchscreens in tablets usually have a very considerable amount of delay (more than 100ms is not uncommon, high end tablets have around 50ms), in addition to the delay in the game engine (usually longer than desktop games, since tablets have slower CPUs and lower frame rate). It's very likely that you subconsciously adjusted to the delay in mobile rhythm games, so you feel that you need to press late in this game.

One solution is getting used to the timing in this game.

Another solution is disabling hitsounds (effects volume 0%, or replacing all the hitsounds files in your skin with silent files), and adjusting your universal offset in game settings so you get good accuracy when you feel you are hitting well according to the music (the graphics will be still off-sync; in your skin, you can adjust the size of the approach circles at the time you click, but not much more).
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Alright, thanks everyone for the productive answers ! I tried changing the offeset by 30-40 ms and it helped a heck lot (-50% misstimings at least)

Timing in this game probably has something to do as well since I've only got 5 hours on osu --'
I don't wanna brag or anything, but maybe is it juste because I've like "went too fast" ?
Since I've been playing lot of rythm games and CSGO, I've got a good timing+aim, but my timing is still a bit wrong probably when I play 3,5 star maps.

My wrongfull timings are mainly actually on stupid stuff, like there's litterally ONE dot, and smh I score a 100 because my timing is trash ;_;

Btw Stanvard, please not the "play more" advice Xd
As Stanvord said, you're used to the mobile input lag which is far higher than the input lag on PC. It's this effect that's causing you to hit earlier.

You've essentially developed a bad habit of hitting very earlier because of those mobile games. Adjusting the timing solves the issue in the short-term but is pretty bad for you in the long-term.

I'd suggest that you get rid of the global offset so that you can normalise yourself to the corect timing.
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Chintam you sure bout that ?

Edit 1 : I removed my dear offeset ;-; I have trust in your word my friend

Edit 2 : Turned out better than expected. Somehow Chintam I ended up doing better right away. I don't really understand why and how but thanks a lot. May the gods of osu bless your path
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