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So i was browsing for beatmaps on Osu! then i thought "Hey, it's been a long time since i've downloaded an Osu!Mania map so why not am i right?" i was stunned when there was absolutely nothing on it, so i'm here thinking how am i gonna play Osu!Mania if there's none that i could download that Ranked and Approved, well i do have some maps for it but i've juiced it all and it's not like i could play the same maps over and over again only to atleast keep my rank at a steady decline.
There are still a lot of osu!mania ranked maps you haven't played.
Filter by osu!mania mode in the beatmap search.
You can use this site, which has an option for searching for keycount as well (CS = keycount) http://osusearch.com/
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