[osu!catch] sd_Orchard Beatmap Nominator Modding Queue

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Welcome to the sd_Orchard Modding Queue!

Introduction // Purpose

Status Spreadsheet

The purpose of this queue is to work together as a team to efficiently push maps forward. Maps placed in this queue will be discussed by all BNs in our subdivision, and should your map leave an impact on us, we'll assist in moving your map closer to the ranked category. All BNs here will still be working outside of the queue on their own time, but by requesting here, you have a much better chance of making your map known to us and giving us a better opportunity to assess your map as a team, rather than as individuals. Taking inspiration from osu!standard's 👀 queue, we are not obligated to mod any map in this queue. The queue will be open for 24 hours once per week, during which time we can take all requests or even no requests, and obviously anywhere in between. The more unique and interesting the map is to us as a collective, the better the chances of us checking it are. Our name isn't really ripened ovaries celerih I hate you
Always pay attention to the latest post from one of our team members. This usually has the most recent information about the queue's status.
This queue is primarily for M4M. Don't post here if you're not willing to uphold modding commitments.
This queue is (obviously) osu!catch only. Hybrid sets are okay.
Team Members

Red indicates the member is a Quality Assurance Team member
Purple indicates the member is a full Beatmap Nominator
Blue indicates the member is only a probationary Beatmap Nominator

Rules / Procedures
  1. Please do not post the same map twice. If you've posted it once and we've declined it, chances are we don't want to look at it. (Unless the map has gone through a major overhaul, this applies to all cases). If your map is labeled as a "soft decline", it means you are allowed to resubmit the map after immediate issues are addressed.
  2. After the team's discussions, you'll be notified via PM whether you're accepted or not. Within that PM will be the map (or maps) that you'll need to mod from the nominators that will look after your map. If a BN does not link a map to you, you won't need to mod anything, take it as an NM!
  3. Please link ONLY ONE map. Any maps after the first will not be considered at all.
  4. We only accept things we intend on nominating. Even if your map is perfect or doesn't break any rules, your map may not get picked because the group as a whole doesn't find it that appealing.
  5. No WIP maps or single-diff sets that aren't marathons. We only want complete sets that are on their way to being ready for nomination.
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Queue is not open yet, we plan on opening this queue for it's first round around 14 UTC tomorrow (Thursday)!
hype :o
:o why not this sd before D: best of luck guys, I'll pick some maps from here too cause I need activity :3
Watching the time comes for newer mapper requests. I knew the time is not now. Just gonna placeholder it
:) What is sd btw? Sorry, I am noob bee
subdivision sang
ripened ovaries
The queue is now open for the next 24 hours!!! Time to post some nice maps to impress the ripened ovaries us!

Also make sure to read the rules!!!
uhh sorry
Keep in mind this queue is for catch only

Thank you
Imai Lisa
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