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Problem Details: My pc resolution : 1344 x 840. So basically I found out that my pc resolution was that and I tried to make Osu! have the same resolution (custom resolution with .cfg file etc.) I think I did it but I am now experiencing a really silly problem I mean I guess much people would be ok with it but me it triggers me and I wonder if it's because of the resolution that such things happen now. As you can see by the screenshot that blue slider get on my scorebar-bg/colour. Sometimes it's even a little bit more higher than that but it happen kinda often by increasing the difficulty (more stuff in-game and distanced) I was wondering if there is anyway to fix my resolution with fullscreen aswell* Yes I tried to put other resolution the only one else I used was this one : 1680 x 1050. This one does my screen size obviously which is great but the same problem occurred and it's even worst sometime!

Should I just try to re-size my scorebar? I mean it will be kinda hard to get a 'visible and nice' one if it's really small and I dont want that also I really like to use custom scorebar (not those one that you can find on Osu-skinner) but if I re-size it like I said it will screw up. Is there another place where I can get such custom scorebar? And is this an actual problem or am I just being silly ? I am a perfectionist so every little things that seems not at is place triggers me and Osu! as been of course one of my favorite if not my favorite game because of the flexibilities of skinning etc.

PS : I am not sure if it's here that I should put this but I am asking for help and I dont think 'skinning forum' is the place to put this.

Video or screenshot showing the problem: https://gyazo.com/96574346a568481a467a26c409a57b1d (Screenshot gameplay with my problem)

osu! version: 20171227.2 (latest)
Welp, I GUESS no one will reply to my not emergency case..
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