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Problem Details: I've been getting issues with stuttering recently, so I went through my nvidia settings to fix the lag. I also went through windows mouse and video effect settings to reduce input lag. When I reopened osu!, I felt like I was playing with mouse acceleration on. I went back and reverted all of the changes, and reinstalled, but mouse acceleration still felt enabled. The only fix that I have found is disabling raw input which feels just as odd as mouse acceleration.

Video or screenshot showing the problem: https://youtu.be/1wb5Ej9gAMQ
This is what happens when I move my mouse back and forth at a constant speed with raw input on, and pointer precision off in windows settings. I don't know why the flickering is happening, but at the moments where my cursor jets off to the side I had not changed how I was moving my mouse at all.

osu! version: Stable
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