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Osu!mac on native resolution randomly keeps crashing I think it's from the millisecond part in bottom right of the game going toolow.
When I check the ms when crashed it ranges from .9-1.6 ms when I record it will stay at around 6ms average so I can not record the issue!
And no I cant play while recording the game because it plays at 60 fps and changes to 6 ms time then will not crash
But the game is way to laggy to play while recording
(when playing osu on borderless it stayed at3-4ms with unlimited FPS
Downloaded from: https://osu.ppy.sh/community/forums/topics/682197 (Peppy ensures it is a good wineskin).
Redownloading and restarting don't help

pictures of my settings

osu! version: Stable on the download
Edit: to fix set FPs to 240
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