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UndeadCapulet and Hailie's Joint BN Queue [M4M]

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UndeadCapulet and Hailie's Joint BN Queue

Hailie | UndeadCapulet
Nomination policy:

No Hybrid Sets, WIP maps, or bubbled maps

Must have at least 5 hype (or 12 sp if v1)
- highly prefer if u have above ^ before posting although not required

m4m only for now, we'll pm you the map you'll be modding if we accept your req
Basically a list of singer/groups that I like and would prefer to mod the most - this doesn't necessarily mean a guarantee mod from me since I'm picky:

Most Vocaloid songs in general (Id make a list but it be too long)

Utaite - Himeringo > Hanatan > Reol

Touhou - BUTAOTOME > Foreground Eclipse> Diao ye zong > Halozy > Anything else that I don't feel like listing

Really big fan of Touhou stuff, namely FELT, Foreground Eclipse, BUTAOTOME, Akatsuki Records, EastNewSound, Liz Triangle, etc.

Also big fan of certain utaite: Lon, sana, Kano, Itou Kashitarou, Akiakane

Also love HoneyWorks in general
Nao Tomori
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