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Hi,i used to play mania, and i was good i think (#2,800) so i stopped playing it when i noticed that i was improving in STD but then somethings happened and i had to stop playing for a while, so i started playing mania again (after 4 months) and when i play my hands hurt so fvcking much, even if i don't play for an entire day still hurts, is ti normal? should i stop playing? idk, maybe i should go to STD and never come back?

Tell me your opinions please :(
1) go see a doctor

2) hurt how?
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abraker wrote:

1) go see a doctor

2) hurt how?
should i really go and see a doctor?

well idk how to describe it because i've never felt this before (at least not this much) and before i went to play STD i just got tired and it hurted a little but at the next day i was like new, so my theory is that i overdrived myself trying to play what i used to
1) See a doc. Get better. Then play again. :)

2) Keep playin. Get worse. Cant play again. :cry:
Honestly its normal lol

It could be that you arent that used to playing long and/or hard songs so your hands hurt because you don't have enough stamina and they tire out. Or you can't go fast enough so you tense up and semi-vib/vib and if your not used to that then your hands will get killed during a song.

As for hurting the next day i recently found out that's not normal. I can say for 100% certainty as a player who pushes their limits all the time, its not because of this game. The longest my hands were sore after a song was a few mins, after that they are just tired unless I'm doing something outside of playing this game with my hands, like working them out or cracking them to often etc.

Which brings me here. Your hands are no different then any other part of your body. If you work them out they will get tired, sore and maybe even hurt. But that's also how they get stronger. So in my opinion its healthy actually as long as you don't go overboard with it.
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You shouldn't feel pain in your hands. You should see a doctor if you feel intense pain as you described. You would likely be told to rest your hands for about a month at least.

The movement of your hand depends mostly on muscles that are located in your forearm (they aren't inside your hands), pain in your hands might indicate an injury in your tendons (which recover much more slowly than your muscles) or nerves.

The soreness you feel while playing the game should be felt mostly in your forearms (where your muscles are), if you are playing with a good posture.
yeah see a doctor i never have pain only some muscle itching when i played s few days 5h+ sessions in my vacation time! but i do a lot of sports where i use my arms and fingers as well like boulder climbing, Downhill with bicycle ...
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Well i havent played mania in a while so i think i'm recovering, also playing std can mantain a bit of stamina in my left hand so it won't be so bad to stay away from mania for a month, thanks guys i didnt thought people would Even reply this, but you actually helped me <3
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