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Hello everyone. I'm a 25 years old guy from Normandie, France.
Started about 3 mouths ago, I am defenetly in love with Osu!

I'm currently playing with mouse + keyboard. The setup :
- Left / Right click : S / F (smoke D)
- Pause : E
- Quick Restart : R (not using this one often)

I fell sometimes impressed when I see how fast we may improve in this game. I beat some tought beatmap recently, like Psychosocial Insane, or Hopes and Dreams hardest difficulty (75%, need to improve that). So my skills is ok with beatmaps about 4*.

I especially love electro related music such as Chiptune, Psytrance etc.
Here's some music I'd like to create beatmaps :
- Dummy! & Metal Crusher from Toby Fox
- L'épouvantable épouvantail from Stupeflip
- Brain In A Fishtank from Sphongle
- The Backup from 2080.
- Some less known music

So in the next weeks I shall submit a 1st attempt of beatmaps.
I searched a bit of advise here and there about beatmapping, but didn't find much.. if you got any good advise/URL in general, please share.

I think that's almost everything.
See ya ingame maybe.. =)
henlo welcome to 05u
Thanks. ^^
welcome to the osu forums!!!! i hope you enjoy ur stay ;)
Welcome! No need to be shy~! :)
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