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Problem Details:
Yesterday while I was playing mania, I ve started noticed little glitches. Then I switched my skin to Jakads ones (which is STOP ASKING) and the problem was the notes were floating a little bit while playing (when I first downloaded it there wasnt any of these problems). First I thought It was some randomly activated effects, but after searching anything down Settings I have realised that something is wrong with the game. Than I desided to install cutting-edge build (I had latest stable) and then the glitches became absolutely annoying and I coudnt ignore them. I tested couple of other games from my library, there wasnt anything like on this video shown here. The problem exists in almost all of my mania skins including default one.

Video or screenshot showing the problem:

osu! version: 20180226cuttingedge

Solved by deleting and re-installing older version of integrated graphics. It makes sense as my HDMI-port is integrated graphics ones. But I still dont actually understand why It was glitching only on osu~ as I have tested it in various conditions. But it is Acer with its special drivers for integrated graphics.
Idk wdym by "floating notes" the gameplay on your video seems to be totally fine aside from low FPS.

Master_chan wrote:

Idk wdym by "floating notes" the gameplay on your video seems to be totally fine aside from low FPS.
Let me explain my problem a bit more in-depth. Everything was fine but then I have connected my screen to a laptop as it is easier to play on a 20-inch monitor then a 15-inch small one. The first day it was fine, but then I realized my column has a bit of angle and it was getting more and more noticeable. Then I switched to my NVdia GeForce 940M and started to be even more crazy with a growing fps value. I have made a new recording and showed it to my friends and the creator of the skin I am using now - some of the notes had a bit of an angle, column was like following the music, but it is really hard to read, especially when it comes to my favorite skin (even on this old one video, in the very end the column looks a little weird and the notes change its size, some of them are changing - but it is rly hard to see with that fps). When I spec my friends there is no such effect or it is probably hard to see).

The video: https://youtu.be/ByK5qnMNQfU - it is easy to see some strange movement of the notes, my friends had accepted the fact something is wrong.than I started searching for the solution more and more, installed and re-installed all the versions available - this glitch or bug was always appearing after two or three retries. I had to use the skin from the second video as it became impossible for me to read my main skin. I ve decided to get rid of the monitor, though it is still appearing for me. For some map it is intense, for some it is not. I also tried turning off DVR, fully reinstalling all the available drivers, switching to a compatibility mode and trying different settings.

Now it feels a little bit dumb to play my favorite mode as my favorite skin is broken completely with this happening end new skin on the second video is hard to read as it has nothing to do with my old skin. There wasnt any kind of this thing happening when I was playing before connecting the screen to a laptop. I dont like to see this occuring with me and I cant enjoy the game completely. I dont actually now what to do now, all the solutions are failed.

A small list of my settings:
Acer Aspire V3-574g
OS: Windows 10
Processor: Intel Core i5-5200U
Graphics card: NVidia GeForce 940M
Resolution: 1920x1080 FullHD (I was also testing playing osu! with some custom resolutions)
I still can't see anything abnormal going on in these videos. Are you sure it's not just some weird afterimage type thing going on from staring at the screen super intently while playing difficult maps?
uhh maybe try recording in 60FPS because I still don't see anything abnormal happening
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