At what rank did you get a tablet?

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I already had a tablet and used it when I was at 80 or 60k. I can tell you that it's not really a real fact that tablet makes it all easier or something, you can get good with mouse aswell. If you still wanna try out, you can do that. :3

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Like 80k for me
doesnt matter but i'd say the quicker you adjust to it the better
I didn't
I got one when i was 600K. instantly went to 400k.

after that though i got a mouse and went to 250k so mouse is everything

for me though

ambinate wrote:

I got one when i was 600K. instantly went to 400k.

after that though i got a mouse and went to 250k so mouse is everything

for me though
At this point you were literally just passing dead accounts and other newbies, even a small increase in PP is enough to jump hundreds of thousands of ranks.

xLolzUp wrote:

Tablet can *probably* more?
Lol no. There are top tier mouse players. If you're going to buy a tablet because you plan on doing art stuff then go for it but don't buy a tablet for osu.
I was, I think, around 500k when I got one but that's only because I wanted to use it for art and not for osu. But then I tried it out on osu and I started playing more and uh yeah
I got a tablet way before I even started playing osu! so I never really bothered with mouse.
I bought a tablet at about 150k. Broke the pen accidentally. Haven't played with tablet ever since. But yea, you can get good with mouse. Plus, you'll have to get used to tablet before being able to play at the same level you could with mouse, as it's a completely different device. It's not like one is better than the other, they're simply different devices.
I didn't because mouse can everything :^)
Radiant Rayv
Probably like 800k

I already had a graphics tablet lying around the house, so I just decided to use it from the beginning.

If you think you'd do better or feel more comfortable with tablet, I'd get it sooner than later
I got the XP-Pen Star G430 at around rank 90k. Mouse was my favorite playstyle and still is to this day, but tablet is much easier when it comes to aiming jumps. Pros and cons for each, I choose tablet over mouse.
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5 digit
*Checks rank*

#202,484 :) Thought I'd see what all the fuss is about.
around 60k

used it for a day, never used it again
Tablets are for losers :)
Purchased Xp-Pen Star G640 at around rank 280k, didn't use it until 250k. Mouse > tablet :D
i don't have any tablet, and i'm like about 270k. too shy to ask my parents to get me one. :( i have a tablet, which now i can't improve because of a lack of streamless maps. :(
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