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Hey! Keep up the work helping out the community and I hope you have a nice day!
Nice open queue nominated
i like ur avatar :3
already have first bn, looking for 2nd, thxxxx
ok so this probably wont get a high chance, but i'll try
its been ranked once:
your name is very cool
rank fire bird
[ Zzz ]
nextplay has 1 BN

Your preferences in terms of artists are pretty good

NEVlR said "call me back after u find 1st BN" so BN check please :)

U're the best UwU
Pawlyk here

Cute song, never ranked before. Got one BN. Please help me get my 1st ranked map.

If you were a potato, you would be a good potato ;3
Easy Tagalog vocaloid | I have a BN ready for this set.
I will M4M. Forum DM me and/or message me on Osu directly if you accept.

Song length - 2:10
Hypes - 11
Mod count as of this post - 53
Spread - Normal, Hard, Insane

You're a cute mapper :3
this has one other old ranked set by shunao but I like the song
This is fully complete and hitsounded spread
Top diff is 5.6*
as for a compliment i like ur baby sweet berry love map
- AzRaeL -
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k, closed. Modding few maps already
Topic Starter
Open for m4m (You mod first, but I'll forum pm you first of all if I accept your req)
this map:
Severon (my set only has a 5:25 drain but I'll try to mod every diff regardless if you accept)

Chika Takami likes mikans and mikans are cute

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