[STD] Accel Tourney 6 55k-100k [Regs. CLOSED]

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Welcome to Accel Tourney!

This is a osu!standard 2v2 team tournament for people in the rank range of 55k-100k!
This will be a 2 day tournament and teams only consists of 2 team members each with no reserve teams/subs.
We will start using teams in future accel tourneys now and extended rank range.
We will be using TeamVS Score V2.
This tourney is intended to have 4 rounds: RO16(BO5), QuaterFinals(BO5), Semi-Finals(BO7), Finals(BO7)
Players will self-ref in RO16. A referee will take your matches for QuarterFinals. Semi-Finals and Grand Finals will be streamed and referee'd.

General Match Rules

There will be no warmups in RO16 & QF only at Semifinals & Grandfinals.
Only 1 ban per team.
If your match is not posted to #match-results that match is voided
and you will need to redo the match.
In Freemod maps, only 1 team member needs to pick at least one mod.
Only HR/HD/EZ/SO are allowed at freemod maps.
RO16(BO5), QuaterFinals(BO5), Semi-Finals(BO7), Finals(BO7)
Contact admins for more questions about matches.


Registrations will end once we reach 16 teams or at March 23(Friday)
Matches will start at 15:00 UTC+0 March 17(Saturday)
once your team finishes early and you have an opponent for the next round, you can go ahead and start
Semifinals 1&2 and Grand finals will start at 15:00 UTC+0 March 18(Sunday)
Note: extensions of schedule can be talked about in the discord server.


Bragging rights for the rest of the day. (No there are no prizes this time unless we get some kind sponsors, apologies.)
nikolomara sponsors the tourney by giving the winning team 2 months of supporter for each member
and runner up team a month of supporter


Host: Deadpulse | rip Espalza

Admins: Simon Yuusuke | loler123903 | Zephyrlox

Referees: Redavor | CharmCaster | Niegth | dblade | kristoffer09 | oralekin | Malikil | -GN Junior | Grassy

GFX: Xeious

Mappool Selectors: Redavor | dblade

Streamers/Commentators:-GN Junior | kristoffer09

Be sure that you are available on 15:00 to 18:00 UTC+0 in March 24 and 25.
Register your team by having the team captain reply to the forum post with your osu! username and rank
Team Name: Katou Megumi is the best waifu
Team Captain: Deadpulse #58,232
Teammate: KatouMegumi #97,427

and then team captains Join the discord link

Reply here with your osu! rank and Join the discord server and go to #looking-for-teammates to team up.

A 2k extra rank range has been allowed as a buffer for anyone who wishes to overrank. Do NOT rank up further than 53k. You have been warned.
After registrations closed, you can overrank happy farming :D
Any other info such as procedures and announcements will be on the discord server so be sure to join :)

This tourney's mappool will consists of 4NMs, 2HDs, 2HRs, 2DTs, 3FMs, 1TB all in the range of 3.9* - 4.7* (single dl are in sheet)

Goose house - Hikaru nara [Mikii's Insane]
Nanahoshi Kangegakudan - Meikaruza [Insane]
sky_delta - Kreuz [Atsuro's Hyper]
Camellia - Proluvies [Irre's Insane]

HoneyWorks - Hatsukoi no Ehon feat.Aida Miou(CV:Toyosaki Aki) [Insane]
Gentle Stick X M2U - Ineffabilis [Yoru’s Insane]

Hard Rock
Rohi - Kakuzetsu Thanatos [Hard]
Cres - End Time [Hyper]

Double Time
BRIGHT - Ichinen Nikagetsu Hatsuka [Hard]
Haruna Luna - Kimiiro Signal [Hard]

Mitchie M - Viva Happy [Insane]
nao - Taiyou Paradise [Neko]
Camella as "Reverse of Riot" - Completeness Under Incompleteness [HYPER]

ANTI - Koi [Stars]
Good luck :)
RIP Espalza :(
Team Name: b
Team Captain: Sunbeam #56957
Teammate: GodJake #60654
nah man, I don't mind being referenced
Team Name: Breakfast is the Most Important Meal of the Day
Team Captain: ByronVilla #70,654
Teammate: Xenonius #54,703
Team Name: remember the semis
Team Captain: nikolomara #61,688
Teammate: Willjoy #68,275

+1 if u get the reference
Team Name: We pray to Expliciti three times a day
Team Captain: Kondris #56,009
Teammate: Spry #62,566
Team Name: Tsuki
Team Captain: My Angel Smokes #64,660
Teammate: RecklezCrane #56,434
Team Name: ENYT Rejects #2
Team Captain: fierythrows #80,.574
Teammate: -rush #61,800
Team Name: Deadpulse Let Us Win (RIP Espalza)
Team Captain: StelveFlame #59.257
Teammate: FoidzaFlow #73.544
Team Name: UWU
Team Captain: KuroTX #86,921
Teammate: SonataChan #70,222
Team Name: Kyroh
Team Captain: OldEclipse #71,517
Teammate: janno gamer 54 #70,461
Team Name: I Don't Know
Team Captain: ThePayneTrain #55054
Teammate: ElementTimes682 #64132

EDIT: THEPayneTrain not just PayneTrain I'm sorry I forgot my own name
Team name: YEET
Team Captain : Indiana_PvP #89,313
Teammate : SnurB #66,548
Team name: BokuNoKurt
Team Captain: BokuNoZero #87,378
Teammate: Kurrtii #86,916
team name: OH NO
team captain: Metalapin #69,752
teammate: SaffiChiro #66,012
Team name : Anhedonia
Player 1: Kaeldori #54,635
Player 2 : Darctuile #76,333

No captain here,we are only friends
Team Name : owo
Team Captain : R [iZe] (Ranked 97,630)
Teammate : Oyasuminasai (Ranked 64,432)
Team Name: Gotta train hard
Team Captain: iTzAshraf #57704
Teammate: Freekach #61858
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