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Free osu! Avatars + Graphic Requests ◘ by meiikyuu ◘

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Kurokami wrote:

Damn, I started to laugh when I read this post. lol
me too :D
thank you for the avatar :3

If its possible i would like to request a user page banner >.<
With a happy gasai yuno in it....

Thank you :3
Thank for the avatar. :3 Now I just have one problem...I don't know which is better, I want to use both at the same time. XD I also thinking about user page banner, but first I need a cute pic, so I will come back later with the picture. :3
About my request.. if possible could you do it as soon as possible? ^^'
Sorry for being annoying ;.;
Thank you!!
Koro McAlpine
May I have a BG for my beatmap?

So which one's the best for it to be ranked?
Hi meiikyuu i want this pics transparent and non-transparent too and put my name on it :3 Thx
Laaaast request, i'm sorry for asking too much :p

mkay so i want this face:
replacing the face of the guy on the right, in the following picture:

I'm more than happy with my avatar so i won't be asking anything about that i guess, this is just an extra job i'd like to use on facebook :p.
Thanks a lot meii! Your the best ♥ ^^
hey meii, can you remove the blue backgrond (make it transparent) and transform this image in avatar? thank you very much :)
like XPJ38, I have no idea how to make a good avatar with it while keeping as many details as possible, so, the most important parts for me is the face (obviously lol), hair and the hands. ah, and don't forget the heart above her head of course :3

umpa lumpa bumpa
Hi Meii^^
Can you make one for me? Any Pony(from mlp:fim) with my nickname, if you can, make it transparent.
Looks great! Thanks!
Hey :)
Can you make me an avatar with Seto San from Seto no Hanayome with my name & transparent if possible?

Thank You!
Topic Starter
@ Failed: didn't u just request something else through pm? ._.



Koro McAlpine
uh..i liked the first one lol, and i resized it if thats what you wanted





meii--- i mean kyuu-chan :D. if you have the chance can you make an ava with this image. same as before put "249" from top to bottom at the right side and make it transparent. i'm gonna use this ava for christmas :oops:
Elina Chann
Hey.. can you make me an AVATAR of Elina Olegovna of Dracu-Riot visual novel game. put a text "Elina" then an icon of heart besides it.
@ meiikyuu , Yeah, forget about the PM and make the other one ^^
T o u k o
Meiikyu can u made a megaultrahyper moe singnature with this picture? and say nixaloradana please (with moe words) TY ♥

TheNutritiousGuy wrote:

I gotta do this over PM because.. I like this way. \o/
As first, I need a new Avatar. From this Picture. I have no special favor about the font, but I want the Word "Leaf" as japanese Letter into the Avatar (and with my Name "TNG"). The best example is this. If possible, can you do this? If not, just set my Name in.

Second, I want a "Signature" for my Userpage (I don't have one atm, but soon. :D)
I want something to do with this Picture. Tell me please at In-Game if you can't edit the picture. And a small picture under it, that people know, that they should scroll down. You did a great job for the queue signature of me and Nitojgrem so I have to ask you again for this. :)

Thanks a ton. -TheNutritiousGuy
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