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Free osu! Avatars + Graphic Requests ◘ by meiikyuu ◘

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01-02-2018: happy new year. deleted everything for now. rather start anew

For the freebies, the original rule was to ask for my permission if you want to put your own text on them. But just add what you want now lol. Obviously I can't really keep track of everyone due to inactivity. I just ask you don't claim anything wrongfully, thank you

Hi welcome ~^^ . Please help yourself to any of the freebies below! I will do my best to update the page when I can. I apologize if I take a long time on something; i have many outside requests and projects as well ): . When requesting or taking freebies, please remember the rules above, thanks a lot!
Starting over 4 years ago, this is the first gfx request forum in the Art forum. Thanks to all supporters for keeping me alive.

Special acknowledgement to Kuran Deus. This person seems to be the very first person to start a graphic forum in my knowledge, and she let me continue all of this. Thank you, I will miss you ^^

Original pictures used in the icons are obviously not mine, only the icons themselves.[/size]

Quick Notice for requesters: please remember to not repeat the same request in multiple art forums. it's a waste of time for me and the others (and sort of disrespectful in a way). If you want to request elsewhere/change, simply just cancel your current request ~ thanks guys ~ happy osu-ing
I want a cake. /o/
I want to eat a cake.

I don't want the cake though. I hear it's pretty hard to have a cake and eat it too.
Awesome! I might borrow one later
Very nice. Might use one later as well.
all touhou characters in one avatar




i'll pay you in nothing

NeverDie wrote:

Any variation of the avatar I currently have would be awesome.
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