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Loli Lionsoda's GFX [CLOSED]

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🌸What You Want: Banner
🌸Size: 2000x700
🌸Text: My Name (LoliThief)
🌸Shape: No
🌸Extra: None
🌸Discord: meme#5661

Edit: without cursor in the picture lol
What you want: Avatar
Size: 500 x 500
Text:My Name (Phanny)
Extra: Make it cute
Discord: PhannyPack#0620
🌸Game Resolution: 1080p
🌸Screen Resolution: 1080p
🌸Webcam Resolution: No Webcam
🌸Background: I'd actually like a crap improvised one. :P I'm really bad at picking those things!
🌸Extra Details: Chat, Current Song, Recent Follower, and Recent Donator!
🌸Name: MrKawaiiKun
🌸Character: Toga Himiko from Boku no Hero Academia
🌸Discord: MrKawaiiKun#8522

Note: I'd like my extras more like this: with the lines. I'm not a fan of box styles like this:

I hope you come back from inactivity, your overlays are the best!

EDIT: Sorry to necro, please cancel my request.
If you ever come back to the thread, PM me. I might have an overlay done in the future, still love your art.
🌸What You Want: Avatar
🌸Size: 256x256
🌸Text: Jace
🌸Shape: Anything you think that will look good
🌸Extra: Nothing specific. Just want it to look good :D
🌸Discord: jace#0001
Cancel sorry
oops it's dead.
Hello Loli Lionsoda i really like your works and i would be glad if you can do an overlay for streaming :o

Game resolution : 1920x1080
Osu! resolution : same (1920x1080)
Webcam resolution : don't use it
Theme : blue and dark
Name : Cywasp
Baxkground :
Extra : chat box and now playing
Character : Above chat box for exemple
Disdord : My server / My profile Cywasp#1708

And don't forget to credit yourself by placing your name in the bottom lef-hand corner of the overlay ^^

Thanks alot
- Ailen -

♣Border:Cut line
♣Picture: (izq: Emilia)
♣Extra: Can you make it look like this?

♠Size: 200x200
♠Text: zKorp
♠Shape: Square
♠Border: Cross
♠Extra: Be Creative uwu
Cancelled sorry.
Game Resolution: 1920x1080
🌸Screen Resolution: 1920x1080
🌸Webcam Resolution: 640x360
🌸Background: Get something what fits with miku.
🌸Extra Details: Chat, Recent Follower, Recent Donator, Panels
🌸Name: Kuromiyaa
🌸Character: Hatsune Miku
🌸Discord: Kuromiyaa#2737

I know you get alot of requests, but i would be willing to pay money to get new graphics to my twitch stream. You may not see this, but you're awesome <3
What You Want: Avatar please.
Size: 200x200
Text: I am not particularly great with knowledge of fonts, but if you could just use a cute font that would be fine.
Shape: Since its an avatar icon, square should be fine.
Border: Once again not too sure here, I'd say either just a cut line border or none at all please.
Picture: (Note: Not to confuse you, I only put multiple in here to give you the freedom of choosing one. I know sometimes it can be hard to work with certain pictures, so if you can go towards the cute theme like the text then you can't go wrong, just pick what you think is best.)

Extra: Thank you so much for doing this, it is great and you are very talented. Please feel free to dm me if you need any help.
☆What You Want: Avatar
☆Size: 500x500
☆Text: Timothy
☆Shape: Square
☆Extra: Wintery Feel (Cool filters)
☆Discord: ! Tim !#9504

Thank you so much!!
🌸What You Want: Avatar/Profile Picture
🌸Size: 200x200
🌸Text: YO_WUZ_UP
🌸Shape: Square.
🌸Border: yes
🌸Extra: I want both of them as my pfp, not just a face.

Can't wait to see the finished product! ^w^
Game Resolution: 1920x1080
Screen Resolution: 1920x1080
Webcam Resolution: Don't have a webcam, but leave a space for when i get one ty
Background: (blur it out a little bit so its not destracting)
Extra Details: Chat, current song, pp counter, recent follower, I LOVE the first stream overlay example, if you could make an overlay thats similar to that (just replace the anime character with a chat box and use the chat box in the example as a pp counter), I would be blessed.
Name: akavat
Character: No thanks
Discord: Preston#3035

Sorry if this is alot of information, I just think the more information you have the clearer idea you would have. Thanks!
Game Resolution: 1920x1080
Stream Resolution: 1920x1080
Webcam: 640x480
Background: anything that fits
Extra details: Chat
Name: Yoshi-chan
Character: Noel from Sora no Method
Discord: qn#9937
Thanks in advance!
Game Resolution: 1920*1080
Screen Resolution: 1920*1080
Webcam Resolution: None
Extra Details: Chat
Name: MyHeroGKM
Character: Alice From Sword Art Online
Discord: GKM_Marcus#0435

Thx I appreciated
🌸Game Resolution: 1920*1080
🌸Screen Resolution: 1920*1080
🌸Webcam Resolution: None
🌸Extra Details: Chat, Now Playing
🌸Name: Yuu-Chii
🌸Character: Matsuzaka Satou (Happy Sugar Life)
🌸Discord: Princess Yuu#7056

Thanks in advance!
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