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Problem Details:
I'm having problems with getting pp after i do a map on either A or B and its acutally really pissing me of cuz i just did 2 maps that was really hard for me and i didnt get any pp? i get rank shit but not pp? ezplain or help me plz

- Depresure

Video or screenshot showing the problem:

osu! version: 20171227.2 (latest)
der er noget der hedder et vægt system i osu, jo højere og flere pp plays du får hvor sværere bliver det at få pp.
du kan læse om hvordan det virker her.
It depends if the map is not ranked. Cause unranked maps will not give you pp.
har lige klaret en map og der står på min profil at jeg fik 22pp? men fik kun 1pp?
it only gives you pp if its a high play if its ur highest play you will get full pp from it if its giving you like 10pp and ur best is 60 it will give you like no pp http://prntscr.com/ipecl8
check if map is ranked :P
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