Convince Me That Pausing Isn't Cheating

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qqqant wrote:


Pausing is totally cheating it's way too easy to just flip a switch and pause/unpause over and over and now you have way more time to react this terrible cheating must be stopped at all costs /s

SpasticSurgeon wrote:

What would the right server be? Asking for a friend.
You do not want to be involved if you want to keep your sanity in check.
i choke if i pause tbh
Yujin Senpai

kai99 wrote:

i choke if i pause tbh
Same dude. If there are longer breaks in a map i can gurantee that i'll lose combo because i lose the rythm of the song.
Ok, let's take this one seriously. VSRGs (vertical scrolling rhythm games) are typically focused on endurance. When competing or sharing your scores to challenge others, pausing introduces unknowns in stamina at various points of the map because pausing would allow the player to be able to regain the stamina to endure more of the map, and therefore is an inaccurate representation of the player's capabilities. So endurance is part of the gameplay, and that is why pausing would be considered cheating.

So to answer your request, Etienne, pausing isn't cheating if you and the people you share the score with don't care about pausing and don't regard stamina as a crucial part of the gameplay. Basically, anything isn't cheating if you and relevant others agree it isn't. It is probably not the answer you would recognize as one, but there you go.

Momi wrote:

because it's legal and can only help you on like

0.218% of maps
For standard definitely the #1 reason. The handful of maps pausing actually brings gains is negligible (even lower than what Momi claimed imo) and in many cases it even hurts the play as already mentioned by others.

For the non-combo driven game modes, well...
I just pause on breaks so I can stretch fingers a bit, take a drink or adjust position, pausing at any other time will just give you 100s and 50s or misses.

Pauses are fine.
At what point did your ego hit the wall so hard you broke the barrier between memes and reality?
why isnt this on the off-topic subforum tbh
damn if only someone was a GMT that could move it
OT is not for discussions about osu

juankristal wrote:

why isnt this on the off-topic subforum tbh
normal people are not ready for that beast
it isnt
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