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So I like to only use comboburst sounds and NOT the images.
I decided to change my previous 1-11 comboburst sounds to just a singular one
This worked before so why not?
I removed the previous comboburst sounds and placed the new one but the comboburst doesn't work?
It won't make any sound, I've tried numbering with the dashes as 1 and 0, changing into a .wav file, repeating that with the .wav, regular ol "comboburst", "Comboburst" but it won't budge. I checked the .ini and nothing is out of place or abnormal. Am I not allowed to only have a singular comboburst? Do I need to have multiple for it to work? (Yes i have my effect volume all the way up and the .wav is as loud as it can go without peaking)
Help please? I wanna hear my husband woah in my ear with every 50 count?
Just delete the line "CustomComboBurstSounds:" from your skin.ini. This line will always trigger the usage of numbered comboburst sounds (-0, -1, -2, etc.) and ignore the unnumbered one.
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