A feature of direc! is troubling me

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I have been having troubles with an either a feature or non-feature of direct.
Whenever you have finished downloading a new beatmap you get a notification in the lower right corner when you are playing a map.
What is bothering is not that feature at all but the other thing.

What I'm trying to say is that when in the middle of playing a song you are finishing a download a notification bar pops right up in the middle of your screen.
What my problem is that it interrupts me and I either lose combo or fail.
Is there any way to disable that notification? If so where is the config for that?
If not then omg make this a request?

I am sorry if someone else has already asked this somewhere on the forums.
My excuse for this thread if so is that I am not able to use the search feature in the right way to find exactly this problem being asked for.
A moderator can delete this post then.

Sadly, no, there's no way to disable those notifications. Although, something similar has been done in the past, thus I'll move this to Feature Requests.
Tested this and the popup does appear. I don't think it needs to appear at all. The notification is enough of an indicator.
osu!direct needs a bit more focus or at least a revamp of some kind, like other elements are getting.
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