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first post, playing this fantastic game for some nights now (my brother now do also) and i really miss the friends score in a tab to make osu! a great competitive way for people like me who don't have an interest in the top 40 and only want to see what scores/ranks the friends are making on a map. i also think that would be a big social-gaming boost for osu!.
This would add another layer of competition that would be great. It would give you another reason to play a song, another goal to reach. Not to mention it would be nice to have that information right there in game.
Sanae Kochiya
It would be nice. If i had Stars Support
as i recall audiosurf handles the friend competition very well. you can filter the online scores so that only your friends scores will show up and it also drops you an email if a friend has beaten you on a map (mp3).
Support. This would be a good idea. We can make more friends thus, you won't have problems finding your friends score/s and to invite them into a rival fight. ;)
Devil Cosmo
I'm support to this :D
That's a great idea!
I gave you a star because I really love the idea :D It would be so great to have a friends rank on each map you play, to add more challenge and fun to solo mode.
S o r c e r y
support! nice idea
Sounds like a good idea, but maybe make it that it will only work if both are mutual friends?

peppy wrote:

I've always wanted to do this, but technically speaking this is a very hard (intensive) thing to handle.
By this, do you mean it's hard to code, or it's difficult for the server to handle requests on that scale? If it's the former, then I guess it can't be helped, but if it's the latter, you could limit it so it doesn't load the server so badly, like have it update only once in a while (hourly?), or only be between mutual friends like ShadowLord suggested. Alternately, maybe you could tone down other features, like make only top 6 scores automatically upload a replay (I don't think a lot of people watch replays that aren't on the first page).

Sorry if I sound pushy and selfish, but this is the coolest idea ever. A scoreboard for friends is, like, literally the one thing I've always wanted to see in osu!, and I'll be rather sad if it's never implemented.
I've already experienced many of my friends activity on many top 40s and for me, that's enough. I really wouldn't care about anyone under rank 40. That just means they suck and that isn't fun to see. :lol:
This is one of those features I have no idea why aren't in yet. Almost every game with leaderboards lets you compete against your friends' scores, it lets newbies have fun too. Full support
Nice Idea
Supporting, I'd need this to keep up with my friends, on-the-fly.
Support, this is an interesting feature.
This is a great idea. I would've given one vote for, but sdafafdgfagsd no stars :c

Supporting this.
Support, a really cool idea \:D/
I don't see how this would be intensive to implement, plenty of other games do this. One way would be to store all scores on a server, only keeping the highest score a user makes and the client simply grabs the data from the website database in real-time (similar to embedding a frame of a webpage). Another way would be for the clients to individually ask other clients for their highest local scores to sync with and promptly attempt to sync with friends clients when a new high score is obtained.

It would also be nice if every beatmap had their own dedicated torrent link, possibly even have torrent functionality implemented inside Osu! I'd be willing to donate tons of bandwidth if this existed.

mmstick wrote:

It would also be nice if every beatmap had their own dedicated torrent link, possibly even have torrent functionality implemented inside Osu! I'd be willing to donate tons of bandwidth if this existed.
In your dreams. osu! doesn't want to be associated with that kind of stuff.
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