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So there is a problem with my osu! hitsounds, some hitsounds ( like WWW normal hitsounds ) just can't working ingame, but when I record a video and look back, the hitsounds were playing as usual
Why is that happen ? please help !

osu! version: 20171227.2 (latest)
tried to restart your computer yet?
Tobias Leander
1) Restart your computer 'if you havent already'

2) Make sure your headset is set as the output device in settings.

3) if neither of these things fixed the problem
go to your osu game folder and run repair osu.
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already restart my pc
i use a speaker, and set as the output device already
just repair a pew second ago, still not working
idk why that happen, it used to be working fine
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not all of the hitsound, only some hitsounds like WWW normal hitsounds
If you use a specific application for your audio output device, make sure you have surround sound disabled.

Also, try disabling audio enhancements through Windows.
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