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nm req
day was ok, played videogames

will m4m if you want

my day was incredibly mediocre, passed the time playing osu and watching anime, as always
Mun there arent 8 difficulties but i have mental difficulties

my day was great, lots of cool stuff going on that's really going to affect my mapping down the line

I just massively changed it so the modding page is a little messy :(
So bored during Chinese new year.
Hi there. How are you doing?

May I post a NM request please?
Note that only the first 4 diffs are complete in terms of note placements. Lunatic is being reworked and the hitsounds are not done yet.

My day was pretty fine. Just worked on my map, and had some carrot cupcakes which were nice.

Thank you and have a nice night.
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Ultima Fox

I like most of these songs so I'm gonna close now cause I have a lot of modding to do :o

also thanks noffy lol

done mods so far (not doing them in any order):

how2miss (More One Night)
Mun (Stratos)
Turquoise- (HYDRA)
Noffy (Genkaku Catastrophe)
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Ultima Fox

nm or m4m

m4m map:

for this round, tell me what made you smile the most in the past week
i would love a nm on my very first mapping attempt
i'd like to both improve that map and start a new map, but i feel like getting some feedback first would be prudent

most smile-able moment this week was probably my team's new intern getting some actual difficult work done without any guidance. what are the odds you get a smart one, you know???

thank you
Hello, I do not know if it's open because you'll see ... I do not speak English, but it does not matter because with the translator, I use it well haha
NM request, it would be better if you concentrate more on the Normal! difficulty since it is the one that had the most problems

thank you!
Hi owo M4M, is Modv2 xdd
The funniest thing of my day was that almost a friend falls down slipping very stupidly xd

I took my dog to the beach and she just dug holes and then stood in them for a bit. that made me smile

My dog broke my phone. It made me smile, whining.
-S h i k i-
Hello, NM request!
What made me smile the most in the past week was when it snowed and school was closed!

the osu sotarks drama mades me laugh and smile too much lmfao , please mod only insane and extreme
i nid >>pro modder's mod<<

Hi nm, just mod whatever you want

See this on many mapping lives for the meme
Paper AirPlane
NM req
Heard about a piece of good news about my school:D
Hey there! NM req ples im desperate ;w;

hmmm technically when im hanging out with my friends made me smile/laugh the most this past few weeks
M4M request for Thanks.

When I recently discovered /r/madlads it made me smile so hard C:
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Ultima Fox

oh geez, i forgot to close before i fell asleep so there's a lot to sort through

eggsgone, silencekakashi and mithia thanks for m4m, I'll get to yours first


Harumachi Clover (Mithia)
Pikon de Meta Fiction (SilenceKakashi)
Ghostbusters (EggsGone)
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