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Beomsan wrote:

tbh mappers are not clowns
nevermind keep going on
Very creative req coming through

https://osu.ppy.sh/beatmapsets/765499#osu/1674700 thx
Okay then, may I ask for an NM? ;)
nyattabox X JonKaGor - Baker's Dozen
modV2 | BPM: 135 | Length: <2min per diff x 3 diffs

Oh, and also, check your PM please. ;3
Thank you in advance~
Smug Nanachi
nobody reads last post lmao
1)宁为玉碎,不为瓦全 (idk what that mean lel)
2) .....
3) fantasy is done
4) 5) 腐っても鯛!
6) need find the another way, fantasy is out
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Ultima Fox

ok i chose 6 cause there were a lot of good ones

Noffy (made with images from the video of the map they requested)


Lasse (i had to put a .wav file through photosounder to get the beatmap link)


DasVampy who made a story with 7 gif animations thats too much to put here


also my man absolute zero making me start with a .sdif file that i had to put through spear to get a string of letters and numbers i had to put into a youtube url to get a video where i had to reverse the audio and do the same thing, just to get something i had to convert from hex to decimal as well as morse code in the audio (which ill get to later), the decimal was the beatmap id of a map that at the timestamp designated by the morse code, it told me his email adress which i emailed him and got back a .psd file which i had to mess with the image until i got a binary code which finally gave a link to his map (even though it was ctb and he wasnt actually requesting me)

i hope it was satisfying to torture me

thanks to everyone for participating, there were a bunch of ones i liked and it was hard to choose
nice concept anyways

usually asking for mod is borring and repetitive

that was fun
Hello man ! I'd be interested in an icon/check for my beatmap Bless Your Name from Choucho : https://osu.ppy.sh/beatmapsets/844581#osu/1766685
I've already provide metadata on a note

Thanks you for your consideration ;)
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Ultima Fox
the queue is closed tho
sry miss queue
Topic Starter
Ultima Fox
you can't be serious
i just said the queue was closed

Ultima Fox wrote:

the queue is closed tho
oups my bad, sorry ><'
Nao Tomori

Nao Tomori wrote:

thanks for the opportunity! :):)
queue cant be closed if you are bn
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