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Problem Details:
Songs will hick up every few seconds making the game unplayable. I have "Fixed" this problem before by updating graphics drivers and removing various other programs but it's back (Fix lasted half a day) I have reinstalled OSU. I've Removed overlays. I've tried cutting edge. I am on windows 10 and never had this problem before. The first time it started happening was after I finished playing with friends, downloaded a few beat maps and started playing again a few hours later. I fixed it and then it has started again after downloading more maps. I download and play the maps fine but when I stop and come back in a few hours to play again, problems.


osu! version: 20171227.2 (latest)
This is most commenly caused by the processor overheating, that might be the case since u say that it happens when u come back and play a few hours later.
I'm having the same issue. I use liquid cooling for my cpu and I check the temps, they are all fine and it's still stuttering.

Just to clear some common solutions out of the way:

1) I checked my framerate, I'm not losing frames and my framerate is locked at 120
2) This started with the latest update i applied to osu (last one i had was like in december)
3) The stuttering occurs both in game and while listening to music at song select and main menu
4) During play, the stuttering freezes the game for ~0.5-2 seconds causing missed notes.


Downloading the latest version from the link in the foums here seems to have fixed it
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