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I am so confused about how the osu! ranking system processed my score

I am currently rank 37k. and For about a week and a half i hadn't been able to FC anything. Just today I got a 212 PP play. this is my second highest play ever. and expected to see a large rank increase. But instead of increasing by a couple of hundred. it decreased by 40 ranks. How did this play not give me any ranks and instead actually lost me ranks even though it was worth so much?

The score in question was a HDDT score on https://osu.ppy.sh/b/357602?m=0 .

If anyone knows the reason why this made my rank worse then please give me some info since i don't have a clue :D
Ranks update when scores are submitted, among other times as well.

People all day, everyday are playing and gaining ranks, and passing you constantly. What most likely happened is you submitting that score, just caused everything to update and catch-up. It wasn't the score specifically that made you lose ranks, it's just that it caused it to update.
It all seems alright now. I started playing today and saw my rank is where it should be. i was just incredibly confused due to seeing my PP increase but my rank decrease. i guess it just took a while for it to update.

thanks for the reply
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