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Sorry if this text is too long and cringe, you may reconsider.

Hi, my name's VGLFlamingFury, male and I'm 13 and I thought I should get in touch with the community because I love this game.
My real name's rather not say and I have been playing a lot of osu! recently. The first time I played osu! was in late 2014 when my childhood friend introduced me to this game. So I downloaded it and played a lot everyday. I was playing 1.5 star maps because I was afraid to go higher so I played them with nightcore mod on and tried to score 300 only on all hits. However, I got bored a few months later and I stopped playing. Then I made this account in late 2016. In mid 2017 I started watching Anime and a few months later I thought that I could have some fun. So then I downloaded it last September and now it's my favorite game. I play 5-6 star maps and rarely 4.7 or so for performance points. And I guess that's that.


:) As you can see from all this text I have issues in my brain and I am working on it :P
:) I live in Germany and I'm from Greece

Hobbies: eet, sleep, plee osu!, learning electric guitar atm. I love hardware and computers.
I would be happy to accept any of your friend requests!

Thank you for reading.
henlo young fellow welcome to osu :^)
just joined two days ago, so im fairly new and play with a mouse, so i usually only play one star beat maps your alot more advanced then this 15 year old.
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