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Problem Details:

My osu suddenly started stuttering at a few maps some time ago, then it started doing it on all maps. I went through a long list of potential fixes but nothing worked. The problem is that approach circles are very laggy, like they run at low fps. Most movements are fine, I can still hit with high accuracy so the game isn't lagging (2000+ FPS in game). The only weird thing is that I reach much lower rpm on spinners. Sliderballs seem to be unaffected.

What I tried: Different osu versions, skins, settings (tried everything in options), background dim etc as well. Starting as admin, repairing osu, redownloading osu, playing a fresh version of osu with only one map, compatibility mode of windows, checking graphic settings, restarting pc, updating drivers, closing all background tasks, checking Xbox DVR settings.

When I switched to opengl via the config file it was fluid and smooth again but I had to double my local offset. Today I started my PC again and same problem again, switching between directx and opengl doesn't make any difference except the FPS and input lag.

No problems found in any other games.

The problem started occuring randomly, the only thing I did before it started happening constantly was downloading a bunch of games and installing different versions of DirectX and many windows redists and stuff, maybe one of them is causing it.

Video or screenshot showing the problem:

EDIT: Ingame resolution is 1920x1080 (native) on fullscreen but Nvidia Share detects 1680x1050 even though it's set to ingame resolution.

osu! version: 20171227.1beta
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