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Problem Details:
A lot of my local scores/replays are gone. I think this is happening because I just a few days ago downloaded the 2017 torrent from here:
After playing with the new maps for several sessions over several days this happened:
Before I clicked anything I backed up my "scores.db" file and the "data" folder. Then I let it do its thing and noticed that
1.: only ~10k out of the ~24k maps that I have were selectable and a LOT of my scores were missing. Because of that I decided to replace the new "Data" folder and "scores.db" file with my backups.
After doing this all my scores were back but I was still only able to play ~10k maps.
The next day I decided to f5 to request a full process of my beatmaps. This made it possible for me to play all maps again but I noticed that all the maps that weren't playable the day before had no scores.

I think it is worth noting that this isn't the first time this happene to me. Several months ago I decided to get all maps from 2016, 2015 and 2014. Shortly after that I had the same error and a lot of my scores were wiped. That is why I strongly assume it has to do with the torrents.

Maybe this reddit thread that I made yesterday will help:

I think that when a scores.db file is corrupted it gets converted to something called "scores.db.636540566192071495.bak" or something similar. In my osu folder I have about 4 of those. I have uploaded them and my current "scores.db" file to dropbox here:

Some additional info on how I downloaded the torrent:
I downloaded it from this button: https://i.imgur.com/H2myGPM.png
I then selected all 12 .zip-files in the new folder and unzipped them directly into the songs folder with Winrar.
Since I already owned quite a few maps from 2017 I decided that when it asked me to replace or skip that it should skip for all maps that I already had.

here is a picture of all my scores files with the dates and file sizes included:

Another issue I had was that most of my collections have lost all the maps that weren't part of the ~10k maps that were always playable.

I really hope that I can get my scores and replays back. If any additional information is required please ask me.
I would also like any information on how I can stop this from happening in the future since I originally planned on getting all ranked maps through the torents. Thank you very much for your help.

Video or screenshot showing the problem:
some examples:
Notice how one of the scores was only one hour old while others were months old.

osu! version: 20171227.2 (latest)
I got that error once too and mmy collections halfed, beatmaps I was able to recover tho.
Now something similat just happened to me and my collections dissapeared, literally...
some of your beatmaps have been corrupt and so are your local scores.. the local scores run locally (obviously) which means that all of your unsaved replays will be lost forever and thus deleting your local scores
So because some beatmaps are corrupt all my local scores are wiped? I still have the old files that include the local scores. If I were to put that file in a fresh install of osu! and added only the maps that I want the replays of, would they reappear?
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