[Archived] Huge tearing at lower part of screen with AMD 18.2.1

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Problem Details: Huge tearing in lower part of the screen with the latest AMD GPU Driver "Adrenaline 18.2.1"
(No Problem on older Drivers like Crimson 17.11.1 for example)

Video or screenshot showing the problem:

Video showing the issue

Screens ( quality not beeing that great but still visable)

osu! version: 20180210.2cuttingedge, beta and stable (I checked on every installation!)
Generally the only way to reduce screen tearing is to get a higher refresh rate monitor, limit your framerate to a lower value, or use VSync.

If this is not occurring with your older drivers, it's probably an issue with these new ones or something else was changed.
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I tried with Vsync but it was no help. And osu being the only Game behaving that way. But yeah, there have to be a conflict between the new GPU driver and osu.
So either way:

- I have to wait for AMD to fix it
- osu to fix it
- or me rolling back to an older driver to get it fixed asap.

(leaving that here for anyone experiencing the same issue)

Or maybe its a setting in the newer build of the GPU driver, because once i start up osu, I have that line of tearing everywhere (web browser or on windows desktop) While osu being minimized I changed the settings in the Graphics card the pixel being processed from YCbCr 4:4:4 to RGB 4:4:4 (Full RGB) and it resolved itself until I switch back to osu again.

So maybe someone already solved that issue

Anyway, thanks for helping :)
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