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Hi! I have a specific problem, it started to happen since the halloween version..
so each time I set fullscreen on and always about 3-5 secs after.... Osu just freezes (animations work tho) and cursor is stucked in one place but I can move my arrow windows cursor... so overall osu doesn't react.
~ Yes I used compatibility mode, and I've tried to turn it off or try lower resolutions... nothing works :( ~
The only way I can play is without fullscreen turned on.. but the gameplay is not satisfying (13-17 ms of latency)
I use laptop, but previously before update everything worked fine (3-5 ms)
Thanks! :)
PS. I can't post screen shot because I osu won't let me shot one.. ^^'
I have the same problem, only it just started. i can move my cursour for about 3 seconds and the it freezes. I'm on a desktop however, and it won't let me play unless I use fullscreen.
Please try disabling any overlays you might have enabled, these are things such as Discord's in-game overlay, Steam's in-game overlay, Shadowplay, etc. Make sure you do not have anything running in the background when starting the game, and make sure your graphics drivers are up to date.

If none of that works, try running osu! as an administrator.
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