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First of all, I will not being disabling fullscreen mode-- the latency is quite a difference.

Seems ridiculous, right? Is Osu! really this GPU intensive? Currently I do not experience any frame drops or problems of that nature, it is just worrying seeing my gpu maxed like that. Also would make it pretty impossible to stream using hardware encoding (gpu).

The only time it's really a problem is if I want to stream with hardware encoding or if my GPU started overheating (which it doesn't)

I guess I'm really just asking if everyone's GPU has this much of a load put on it when in fullscreen mode. I was just extremely surprised when this game used even more gpu than if i had fortnite and overwatch open simultaneously...

btw, sorry if there's some format I'm not following, hopefully it isn't a big deal :D
It isn't really. Tested it here with 2560x1080 / 2560x1440 on an RX480, Unlimited setting, varies 30-50% usage. Could be some driver bug or renderer issue.
I’ve just realized that it’s probably just because I usually keep my frame limiter on unlimited so it’s trying to maximize my fps by using more gpu.
Kind of stupid of me to forget that. I’ll test it later to see if that’s what’s up.
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