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Problem Details:
I recently have been getting a lot of better scores than I previously have on beatmaps, due to me having more experience. for some reason, though, Osu! will just not update my displayed highest completion rank even if i get it 5 or 6 times. for example, I recently got S on a beatmap that was previously an A and it didn't update, and right after that, it happened again, but with the two ranks being I got A, it displayed B. I'm seriously not understanding why this is happening. I have a strong internet connection and my client is up to date, so what's my problem? it'll gladly give me a score for beating a beatmap for the first time, but it won't update any that have previous scores recorded on them. please help if you know what's wrong.

VeilStar wrote:

When score submission failes it's always due to a connection issue.

If you were logged in when you got your score, osu! will retry to submit that score for an hour. (A notificication will pop up at the bottom right.)
If the hour passes, or you have closed osu! since, the score is lost. It's that simple.

Now this is not to be confused with delayed database updates.
In this case your score DID submit, but it will not be under 'global rankings' untill the database updates.
You will see your score under your 'recent plays' (last 24h), but nowhere else, untill it updates.
In this case all you can do is wait a few minutes to a few hours.

The third thing is your pp getting stuck.
In this case your score will be submitted, will be under global rankings, and will be in your top performances list.
However neither your rank nor total pp amount will update.
In this case there's 2 things you can do;
Either gain at least 1 more total pp to get the database to update both the play that forced it to update
and the previous play that it didn't count.
Or you can wait about 24h untill everyone's (including yours) rank gets recalculated.

After this wall of text you should be able to identify your issue and realise that it's not a bug and you won't get your score/pp,
at least not when it's the first case.
thank you for letting me know that, I honestly had resigned myself to sometimes not getting my rank updated
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