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ONE OK ROCK - 20/20
  1. follows Vocals and melody nicely :3
  2. fairly low BPM i guess ^^
  3. JRock <3
  4. Highest diff is only 5,3 so u can easily play it ^^
  5. Kiai is stronger than build-up... since there is not much of a buildup lol
shitoo - Hitotsume Ripper Satsujin Jiken
  1. Strong kiai (or at least i hope so!!)
  2. Circular directions? what're those? not here!
  3. Low bpm stuff - focused more on playing with a player's reading ability rather than sheer speed in clicking or moving.
Sumire Uesaka - POP TEAM EPIC
  1. Melody mapping
  2. I am good doing smooth flow
  3. music style is a bit mixed, so even if some section feels "dubstep", this mix many styles.
  4. kiai is stronger
  5. I have 3 ranked and 1 loved, but I did not ranked anything in 2017.

Thanks and have a nice day :3
M2U - Marigold ft. Gururi
  1. Follows Melody
  2. Uses lots of flowbreaks for emphasis, not a minute long spinner
  3. Kiai is more intense than buildup
  4. 160 BPM
LiSA - crossing field -TV ver.-
  1. It's not moe, metal or dubstep
  2. You probably can play it + it's 179 BPM
  3. Not many streams
  4. No ranked maps
  5. Kiai is stronger than build-up

Thanks :)
Chino(CV.Minase Inori) - Okashi na yume wo o hitotsu douzo
  1. No ranked map
  2. 4.9* Hardest Diff
  3. Kiai is stronger
  4. 175bpm

Oohara Yuiko - Iwanai kedo ne (TV size)
  1. no high bpm map
  2. not long map

I literally don't know how to use the template because it fucks up so I'll just send normally and hope you don't mind.
Misato - Necro Fantasia

- Short version
- Heavily modded but transferred to mv2 so looks like there are no mods
- Clean mapping, no gimmicks
Shinonome Natsuhi (Cv. Hinami Yuri) - Moratorium no Oto
  1. vocal mapping
  2. 182 bpm
  3. interesting stuff done with colorhax
  4. no minute long spinners
  5. clean visuals
Boards of Canada - Dayvan Cowboy
  1. Ranked Queue
  2. Electronic
  3. IDM
  4. 2 Diffs (Normal 1.54*, Advanced 2.30*)
  5. 84 BPM
  6. Relaxing Music
(rabiesbunx86 - When I'm Pony)
  1. not metal or dubstep.
  2. don't have a ranked map yet *even though I should*
  3. follows the melody.
  4. really short (but just barely rankable (unless 29.999 seconds isn't rankable :thinking:))
  5. good ol' 128 BPM
  6. would like all diffs modded. but hardest diff is prioritized

Yasaija 714
ClariS - Butterfly Regret
  1. vocal mapping
  2. I think the new mapper is going to rank the first GD
  3. In the difficulty of little the title butterfly is represented as a slider
  4. Although songs are simple rhythms, I think that the difference in rhythm due to the difference in mapping is good
  5. top diff 4.95
Kenji Kaneko - Field of View, Re;Birth 2 ver.
  1. Probably not moe because it's a game soundtrack
  2. Does not flow in circle over and over again
  3. Easy map, hardest diff is below 4*
Hatano Wataru - Heart Signal
  1. It's not Moe, Heavy Metal, or Dubstep songs
  2. bpm128, low stars
  3. I'm a newbie mapper
  4. Its kiais are stronger than their build-ups

thx ;)
Nakanojojo - Bittersweet (feat. Kuishinboakachan a.k.a Kiato)
  1. i’m fairly confident my map fits all of your preferences actually

though i’m not a new mapper, if you counted that as a preference
Topic Starter
Thank you for your submissions everyone!

I have selected SnivehNDraegonz's map.

Expect your mod next Friday.

This was an appealing top diff doing a lot of cool things, but I didn't want to mod it this week because of its pacing. Observe modding assistant's pacing curve: http://puu.sh/zpcMI/2a9ce83952.png
This is what I'm talking about when I say I don't like maps whose build ups are stronger than their kiais. That “build-up” section was not the climax of the song, and yet it feels like it was mapped like one. Yes, modding assistant isn't good at showing small bursts of spacing, but it does reflect the general issue I had.

newton- wrote:

  1. no minute long spinners
On top diff:https://osu.ppy.sh/forum/posting.php?mode=reply&f=60&t=700893#
01:26:793 (1,2,3,4,1,2,3,4,5,6,1,2,3,4,1,1,2,3,4,1,2,1,2,1,2,3,4,5,6) – I didn't like this long spinner
Topic Starter

pinataman wrote:

Open for one slot this week since I'm behind on my requests. Read rules.
SoundTeMP - Be Nice 'n Easy
  1. Video game song.
  2. Melody over drums.
  3. Nice flow.
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