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Mamoru Miyano / Identity
  1. Ranked Queue
  2. -Not moe / heavy metal / dubstep
    -Not alt/high bpm
    -Streams are slow (127bpm)
    -Stronger kiais


pinataman wrote:

I don't pick Heavy Metal
Another queue I'm not welcome to :thinking:
Roselia - Tamashii no Refrain
  1. Ranked Queue
  2. idk kiai is stronger than build up
Hashimoto Miyuki - Glossy:MMM
  1. Ranked Queue
  2. 175BPM
  3. not stream map
  4. following melody
  5. short map
Serizawa Haruki
HoneyWorks feat. Gero - Jakusha no Sengen
  1. Not Ranked Queue
  2. It's not moe, heavy metal or dubstep, it's below 200 bpm, only has a few short streams and different types of flow
ClariS - SHIORI vs. Hitorigoto
  1. Unranked Queue
  2. Lasse part inside top diffs which makes it not boring pp map
NCT DREAM / walk you home
  1. Not Ranked Queue
  2. It's k-pop song, it has low bpm. etc

Thank you~
DJ YOSHITAKA feat. Kanako Hoshino - Hoshi wo Kono Te Ni
  1. Ranked Queue
  2. Follows the melody
  3. Old School Style
  4. Does not have a minute long spinner
  5. 165 BPM, no streams
SakiZ /Serval Power
  1. Ranked Queue
  2. meme song, stream map bit 5.58 =)
Sakurauchi Riko
(Riko Sakurauchi (CV.Rikako Aida) - Pianoforte Monologue)
  1. Ranked Queue
  2. follows melody
  3. kiais stronger
  4. diverse flow i'd say
Lv.0 - i.o
  1. Non-Ranked Queue
  2. structured around movement
  3. varying intensity (no kiai indicated)
  4. definitely not Moe, Heavy Metal, or Dubstep
Topic Starter
Thank you everyone for your submissions.

I have selected Shogun Moon, Sakurauchi Riko, and FunnyA's maps.

You should all expect to have your mod on Friday, February 16.

Honorable mentions to Akareh and negusver for cool maps that I can't play.

@Naotoshi - I can mod a map of yours, but let me choose the time I map it because I'm busy, so request declined.

@KingHenry - :cry: sorry bro :cry:

Topic Starter
Open for one slot this week since I'm behind on my requests. Read rules.
A r M i N
ONE OK ROCK - 20/20
  1. follows Vocals and melody nicely :3
  2. fairly low BPM i guess ^^
  3. JRock <3
  4. Highest diff is only 5,3 so u can easily play it ^^
  5. Kiai is stronger than build-up... since there is not much of a buildup lol
shitoo - Hitotsume Ripper Satsujin Jiken
  1. Strong kiai (or at least i hope so!!)
  2. Circular directions? what're those? not here!
  3. Low bpm stuff - focused more on playing with a player's reading ability rather than sheer speed in clicking or moving.
Sumire Uesaka - POP TEAM EPIC
  1. Melody mapping
  2. I am good doing smooth flow
  3. music style is a bit mixed, so even if some section feels "dubstep", this mix many styles.
  4. kiai is stronger
  5. I have 3 ranked and 1 loved, but I did not ranked anything in 2017.

Thanks and have a nice day :3
M2U - Marigold ft. Gururi
  1. Follows Melody
  2. Uses lots of flowbreaks for emphasis, not a minute long spinner
  3. Kiai is more intense than buildup
  4. 160 BPM
LiSA - crossing field -TV ver.-
  1. It's not moe, metal or dubstep
  2. You probably can play it + it's 179 BPM
  3. Not many streams
  4. No ranked maps
  5. Kiai is stronger than build-up

Thanks :)
Chino(CV.Minase Inori) - Okashi na yume wo o hitotsu douzo
  1. No ranked map
  2. 4.9* Hardest Diff
  3. Kiai is stronger
  4. 175bpm

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